Alex van Hedel, endurance athlete


Good day my friends, My name is Alex van Hedel.

I am an endurance athlete who love new and extreme challenges. Due to ever-go again extreme challenges, I cannot do without the right equipment and care of the body and muscles. So I’ve tried many means.

For quick muscle recovery I have used many remedies. Greasing and lubrication but eventually I just had red legs and still tired muscles. After long and / or heavy training sessions recovery lasted longer than necessary. At least I know now (I got the tip from to try another and a better product. That really made the difference during my trip to Nepal. From Everest Base Camp I once walked the highest marathon Trail run in the world. This would have been harder if I had not been supported by this “FIT sport balm” product. No more red skin, ideal for preventive use against muscle fatigue and faster recovery afterwards.

Finally a product that really helps! Just a product, which also further helps for quick recovery from sports injuries. For me, this new real working panacea so called ‘ FIT ‘ . This balm massage nice way, no more red legs and sure enough my muscles really recover! My friends had injuries like heel spurs and tendonitis around the knee and groin. They wanted to try this product and after some days they ran again without pains! Just top. Although it is said that nostrums (miracles) don’t exist, I doubt this saying because of my experience. Many sports physiotherapy practices in the Netherlands alreadyknow this product and made them just more successful. Now finally we can as truly passionate athletes start using this product.

In addition, by colds you can add this sport balm in hot water (a teaspoon balm) use for steaming simply fashioned with a towel over it. You will again be able to breathe fresh, so enjoy.

Want to know more about my adventures look comfortable on my sports blog.