Always play badminton or tennis feeling FIT

Tennis and badminton keeps people FIT. Did you know, for example, that badminton is one of the fastest sports in the world, where shuttles can reach speeds of more than 450 km / hour! Badminton is therefore (also in view of the speed of action, typical strikes such as overhead and round-the-head strikes and the ‘reach’ by means of the arms and legs that is required) a very injury-sensitive sport. Do you want to stay fit on the court for as long as possible? Do you regularly suffer from muscle pain? Or did you sustain an injury during changes in strikes at tennis or badminton? Then use the F.I.T. Sports balm to bring your muscles in optimum condition prior to a match. Even in the case of an overloaded muscle or an existing muscle injury, the use of the balm can shorten the recovery time. FIT is the result of years of study and research in various forms of sport. The balm contains components that promote recovery from sports injuries.

FIT has been developed by top medical professionals for top athletes and has now become available for all sports and athletes. F.I.T. Sports balm has a unique structure, color and odor and you will ‘feel’ its powerful effect immediately on your skin. The sports balm has been extensively used by professionals in top-level sports and amazing results have been achieved. Read the user experiences here.

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