FIT with F.I.T. Sports balm during the entire tour

Cycling may be a sport with relatively few risks of sports injury, but muscle pain is a major culprit. In addition, many cyclists and mountain bikers struggle with knee and sometimes groin complaints, or muscle strain. Whether you are a cyclist, mountain biker, BMX-rider or a fixie bike rider, F.I.T. Sports balm is the solution for various sports injuries and muscle complaints.

“A cyclist took 3 tubes to the start of the Tour de France every year!” – said Kees van der Laan from Sport Massage Heerenveen. The magic tube is indispensable for many athletes in the Netherlands (and far beyond!). This is because F.I.T. Sports balm is composed in such a way that it is rapidly absorbed in the affected area, stimulates blood flow and removes waste materials that may cause acidification in an accelerated manner. Even when cyclists or mountain bikers have fallen, the tube with F.I.T. will soon appear!

One of the ingredients has the unique property to break down the waste (cytokines) as soon as it has reached the traumatized area. These waste materials have a strong attraction to the nerve roots in the affected area and causes various degrees of pain. These two properties of increased blood flow and degradation of waste cause a feeling of relief soon after the sports balm has been applied to the affected area. Read the user experiences here.

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