Automatic translation of the original contribution in Dutch:

Frank Germann, Snowboardtrainer/Coach Dutch Ski Association​

“F.I.T. is the SHIT”
Whether I’m popping on my mountain bike, kite, SUP, or snowboard, you always go to the max! And because of this, it sometimes happens that certain body parts no longer want to work smoothly. Luckily with the underlying thought, if I’m going to talk to F.I.T. again tonight. can rub in then I’ll be flexible again tomorrow!

And so it is! I massage the relevant body part several times a day and repeat as often as necessary. For really maximum results, I use F.I.T., when I just get out of the shower and cover the affected body part so that it feels compact. My athletes also use this product and, like me, they really rave about it!

Aloha, Frank Germanno