Automatic translation of the original contribution in Dutch:

Hanneke de Boer, Triathlete, does Ironman Worldchampionship Hawaii in 9h49. Finished 5th in her age group,

After a number of tendon infections, problems with my shins and other annoying running injuries, I started running with Herzog tubes and wearing recovery stockings after heavy running and cycling training.

I received a test tube of F.I.T. via Sport Compression Clothing. Sports balm sent to try out.

I did this and liked it so much that I now consistently use F.I.T. after running or heavy cycling. Spread sports balm on my legs, usually in combination with recovery stockings.
This feels nice and it promotes my recovery after a hard workout because it stimulates the blood flow.

When it’s very hot outside or during training sessions, I also like that I can only apply the sports balm and don’t have to put on the stockings.