Automatic translation of the original contribution in Dutch:

Mariëlle de Mol, Dutch Champion ladies motocross and sports masseur.

She has proven herself this year in the Dutch Championship for women’s motocross and was creditably second at the European Championship. She has been in the motocross world for years.

During the Massage Vakbeurs I came into contact with the product F.I.T. Sports balm. I have tried all kinds of products for bruises, aches and complaints. In motocross, a fall is simply in a small corner. After testing it, I was very pleased with it. It relieves pain and speeds up the healing process.

After massaging in my practice, I often apply F.I.T Sports Balm so that people go home with a good or better feeling. I now sell the product to athletes and other people with complaints. They are all very satisfied with F.I.T. Sports balm and according to my customers it works better than other similar products.