Always fit with F.I.T. Sports balm

Always fit with F.I.T. Sports balm

Do you also want to achieve amazing results with your massages? The products of FIT International BV are used by masseurs in their practice or working environment and are often also sold by them to visitors of their practice. The F.I.T. Sports balm and the F.I.T. Professional Care stimulating massage oil are used as the basis for numerous massage treatments. Not only with sports massages, but also with relaxation massage and many other massage treatments.

The F.I.T. Sports balm is often used as a basis for the treatment of a complaint. People visit a masseur for preventive and repressive massage treatments and / or often have a complaint about certain exercise functions. Due to work pressure, stress, or other causes, people need a massage, or a massage is recommended with an injury, muscle complaint, or even a chronic illness.

In case of the treatment of a complaint, the masseur takes a small amount of F.I.T. Sports balm in the palm of the hand and massages the affected area. After one to two minutes the balm is completely absorbed by the skin, without leaving a residue and the skin will feel completely ‘dry’. The masseur notices this because the massage will become less smooth. After this, the masseur in consultation with the client, can decide to; either continue the massage with F.I.T. Professional Care massage oil, or to apply an MTC construction (Medical Tape Construction, with for example kinesiological tape) over the area that has been treated with balm. The balm has no influence on the adhesion of the tape to the skin.

With regard to the effect on the treated person, the application of the balm has a noticeable influence almost immediately. In the case of injury or pain treatment for example, it often gives them a comfortable feeling, and therefore F.I.T. is ideal in combination with manual treatment. The way in which masseurs apply F.I.T. is diverse, such as mixing the balm with a massage oil, but the balm is also often used as a conclusion to a treatment to allow the customer to leave the massage bench with a comfortable feeling.

Also good to know: we work with natural ingredients. The products by FIT International are characterized by a high-quality composition, based on effective and dermatologically responsible ingredients and is therefore also suitable for sensitive skin. Click here for more product information.

In short, both the masseur and the client experience the balm as the ideal addition to treatments. There is nothing better than satisfied customers, right?

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