Fast recovery with F.I.T. Sports Balm

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F.I.T. Sports Balm

How does F.I.T. Sports balm work?

F.I.T. is composed in such a way that it is rapidly absorbed in the affected area and stimulates blood flow. One of the ingredients has the property to break down waste materials (cytokines) as soon as it has reached the traumatized area. These waste materials have a strong attraction to the nerve roots in the affected area and causes various degrees of pain. These two properties of increased blood flow and degradation of waste cause a feeling of relief and a decrease of pain soon after the sports balm has been applied to the affected area.

When should you use F.I.T. Sports balm?
FIT is only suitable for external use and can be used in case of:

  • Sports injuries
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Fast recovery after exercise
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Pain in lower back, hip and neck
  • Joint pain, shoulder pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Bursitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Over strained muscles and sprains
  • Ischial pain (leg)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia pains

When should you not use F.I.T. Sports balm?
In case of use of medication:
If you already use an ointment containing corticosteroids or other stimulants on advice of your medical professional, then F.I.T. International advises you not to combine this ointment with this balm. If there is no result, you can start to use F.I.T. Sports balm in consultation with your doctor.
F.I.T. Sports balm is only effective if it is applied to the affected area.
Small children:
Consult a doctor before using the product on children under 12 years of age.


Dosage and use
Clean the skin with soap and warm water.
Make the skin towel dry.
Apply F.I.T. sports balm to the skin and gently massage it into the skin until it has been absorbed.
Repeat this three to four times a day (morning / afternoon / evening / 1 hour before bedtime).

How long and how often?
It is advised to apply this balm 3-4 times a day, both for acute and for subacute injuries. It is not allowed to apply F.I.T. Sports balm in locations where the skin is open. However, it is allowed to apply it around such an area. People with chronic complaints can start with 3 applications a day and may possibly reduce this to 2 applications a day at a later stage. The balm can be applied without limitations, depending on the intensity (level) of the pain.

Possible side effects

How should F.I.T. be stored?
At room temperature (15-20 °C). Close the cap properly.

Shelf life
30 months when the product remains in an unopened package. After opening, F.I.T. Sports balm can be kept for 1 year.

Where available?

F.I.T. sports balm is available at numerous wholesalers, but also through many massage and physiotherapy practices, pharmacies, various on-line web shops and also at various sports clubs and fitness / health clubs where the masseurs or physiotherapists who work there, often already have the knowledge and skills with regard to the use and application of the F.I.T. products. The balm can always be ordered via the ‘order’ button on the F.I.T. website.

F.I.T. Professional Care Massage oil

FIT Professional Care stimulating massage oil  

The FIT professional care range is tailored to the professional user, such as sports masseurs / caregivers, physical therapist and medical specialists. The product is characterized by a high-quality composition, effectiveness and dermatologically responsible ingredients. The FIT professional care products are formulated so that maximum performance can be delivered based on mild and non-irritating ingredients.

Which trends can be found that match our brand values?

The FIT professional care products are in line with the ‘Nu Natural’ trend and are 99.9% natural. FIT focuses on naturally inspired products with a focus on results, effectiveness and safety.

The Professional Care products are “free from” and contain as many natural resources as possible supported by synthetic materials that (if present) improve the functioning, effectiveness and performance of the products.

In developing the product, we have found a creative way to bring science, nature and sustainability together. The emphasis is on results, effectiveness and safety of the products.

All products contain high doses of natural oils and active herbal ingredients with claim substantiation and proven efficacy.

What are the USPs of the products?

  • as natural as possible.
  • with herbal oils and extracts.
  • mild formulations ensuring that the chance of skin reactions is minimal.
  • the products are unscented.
  • suitable for all skin types.
  • developed on the basis of the latest technological developments.
  • good performance and proven claim substantiation.
  • products are non-occlusive: they do not close the skin of like paraffin oil does.

The products do NOT contain **::

  • Parabens (preservation)
  • Mineral oils
  • Sodium lauryl ether sulfate
  • Perfume
  • Formaldehyde donors
  • Polycyclic musk compounds
  • Phthalates
  • Nano materials
  • Propylene Glycol
  • EDTA

**These raw materials are currently under scruteny due to their environmental impact or due to their negative impact on humans and their bodies.

General: The FIT massage oils are economical to use, they massage well, are pH neutral, free from preservatives, they are very suitable for sensitive skin and easily washable with water. The oil is also friendly for your towels and can be removed quickly and easily in the washing machine.

The 500 ml bottle comes standard with a flip-top cap, for transporting the oil to various locations, plus a dispenser pump for easier use in a practitioners room.

Packing unit

F.I.T. Professional Care stimulating massage oil is supplied in packs of 500 ml and 5000 ml (5 liters) as a standard. For use by masseurs at (sports) events, we have a special ‘event bottle’ containing a volume of 250 ml.

The 250ml Professional Care stimulating massage oil is a packaging that is used at events where several masseurs work and where they often do not have their own table to place products on. We deliver the 250ml in a short, wide plastic bottle that will remain standing on an unstable surface (massage table) as well and does not fall over and fits easily into the massage case.

The 500ml Professional Care stimulating massage oil is the standard packaging for use in massage and physiotherapy practices. The bottle comes standard with a flip-top cap. We do this because a bottle with a pump may leak during jolts while being transported. When the flip top cap is used for transport, leakage can be virtually ruled out. The supplied pump can be fitted when used in a practitioners room.

The 5000ml Professional Care stimulating massage oil is supplied in jerry cans and can be equipped with an additionally available pump with a stroke volume of 30ml per pump stroke. The jerrycan is often used by practices as a refill for the 500ml bottles present in such practices.