Runners prevent injuries with F.I.T. Sports balm

Do you have a knee injury after running? Or have you just started running again after a long time and now you suffer from muscle pain? F.I.T. Sports balm is not only preventative and restorative after exercise, but the balm also contains components that promote the recovery from sports injuries. No wonder our balm is so popular among runners! When you have done the warm-up properly, waiting for ‘the start’ can take a long time for all sorts of reasons. Then treat your muscles with F.I.T. in the meantime, applied from such a handy mini tube of 10 ml, which you can easily take with you in your sports belt!

F.I.T. is composed in such a way that it is rapidly absorbed in the affected area and stimulates blood flow. One of the ingredients has the property to break down the waste (cytokines) as soon as it has reached the traumatized area. These waste materials have a strong attraction to the nerve roots in the affected area and causes various degrees of pain. These two properties of increased blood flow and degradation of waste cause a feeling of relief soon after the sports balm has been applied to the affected area.

Mindful Run instructor / running coach and proud F.I.T. ambassador Floor Kengen always takes F.I.T. Sports balm with her during the running sessions. ” If someone experiences problems during or after training, I always take the “magic tube” out of my bag. The balm works very well, both preventively and in cases when you have an injury, to recover from it faster. In cold conditions it keeps you nice and warm. In the summer it keeps you nice and fresh ”.

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