Stay fit, even at a later age!

As you get older, muscle mass and muscle fibers that allow you to respond quickly, will decrease. On average, people even lose around 30% of their muscle strength between the ages of 50 and 70. Decline of the muscles is a natural process of course, but you can ensure that you remain FIT! Take care of your muscles with F.I.T. Sports Balm and keep moving.

Do you increasingly suffer from pain complaints? And do you quickly experience tired muscles and / or muscle pain? Try F.I.T. Sports balm! F.I.T. Sports balm is a powerful muscle balm that provides relief for muscle pain and / or other muscle complaints quickly and effectively for both athletes and the elderly. Our balm is the most effective product for muscle recovery.

Use at home
Sometimes you do ‘work’ in or around the house that your muscles are not ‘used to’ and it is often only after 24 hours or later that you start to suffer from stiff muscles, stiffness or even muscle pain. F.I.T. Sports balm is also ideal for home use. In many households our magic tube is always within reach. The balm can also be used for chronic pain, joint pain, inflammation, pain in the lower back, hip and neck, etc.
F.I.T. is composed in such a way that it is rapidly absorbed in the affected area, stimulates blood flow and removes waste materials in an accelerated manner.

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