Automatic translation of the original contribution in Dutch:

An interview with Senna Heuer. Senna has been a very active ambassador for F.I.T. since 2016. Sports balm.

Senna has been playing football for VV Ter Leede in Sassenheim since she was four years old and now plays with her women’s team in the Dutch big league. Senna is a big fan of the F.I.T. Sports balm. She suffers from scar tissue on her hamstring. By F.I.T. By using sports balm, her muscles remain flexible and it is better to continue playing football with her injury.

“I always apply F.I.T. Sports Balm before training or competition. It’s just become a ritual. Without balm, no football,” Senna says with a laugh. Before Senna became an ambassador for F.I.T. Senna was already familiar with F.I.T. Sports balm. At her sports club, F.I.T. already used.

“When I saw the call on Facebook to become an ambassador, I immediately applied,” says Senna. ” With great pleasure I promote FIT at my football club or during running competitions. When I participate in a running competition, I always wear my FIT t-shirt. I also distribute flyers and the small test tubes. I once participated in the ladies run in Katwijk I handed out the test tubes before the competition and in no time I was surrounded by ladies who all wanted to try the FIT Sports Balm, a versatile balm that can be used both preventively and to get rid of your injuries faster.

“Even my grandmother uses the sports balm,” Senna continues. “She has had a bursa inflammation on her shoulder for a while and with F.I.T. her muscles remain nice and flexible”.

Senna can do the F.I.T. Recommend sports balm to everyone, besides smelling great, it also works great.

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