Automatic translation of the original contribution in Dutch:

My name is Sineke de Kuyper and F.I.T. I have had sports balm at home for 10 years to use in all kinds of applications.

Mostly I use it for my son Nick who plays handball at a high level and this sport gets pretty tough. I used F.I.T. already at the NK youth in Amsterdam in 2009 to restore the boys who got an ice bone during the competition. This went very well and everyone was very enthusiastic about F.I.T..

Later Nick has known many injuries and always applied this balm so that the recovery was a lot faster than without F.I.T.. He also had an Achilles tendon injury and even the sports balm did not help and an operation had to be done to solve this.

Often used for my daughter with the carpal tunnel syndrome and that gave a lot of relief, my son-in-law rubbed after a muscle tear and my husband often did his back and shoulder. It turns out to be a means that is indispensable in the sports bag, but also in the home pharmacy it is a very nice addition and important for muscle pain, back pain and other discomforts.