F.I.T. Sports balm, for the real soccer players

Wherever soccer is played, there will also be injuries unfortunately. Soccer is very popular and always remains one of the most popular team sports in the Netherlands. Soccer is a contact sport, with an increased risk of injuries. Players may get injured during duels and specific actions. No wonder that F.I.T. Sports balm is so popular among soccer players!

Injuries can make or break your career. Because when you have an injury-free body, you can demand extreme performance of your body. The most common injuries when playing soccer are ankle injuries, knee and groin injuries. Hamstring injuries are also common, or injuries due to overload and / or strain.

A lot of attention is paid to the warm-up, but between completion of the warm-up and the actual start of the match, there can often be as much as 15 minutes. The effect of a good warm-up is therefore seriously erased (especially in cold conditions). That is why many football players use the F.I.T. balm when they enter the dressing room after the warm-up, in order to maintain optimal blood circulation in the muscles. Even after the match, the balm is often used to gradually reduce muscle activity. FIT therefore contributes to reducing muscle complaints after an intensive match or training session.

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