Suitable for swimmers as well!

FIT Sports Balm is not just any balm, it is a medically proven tool for recovery and the prevention of injuries. F.I.T. is composed in such a way that it is rapidly absorbed in the affected area and stimulates blood flow. Swimmers and high-divers also benefit from our balm.

Swimming is for everyone, from young to old. It keeps you healthy and FIT and there is little chance of injury. Swimming is therefore known as ” the ideal sport ” due to the low load on the body.But unfortunately, we regularly see injuries in this sport as well. Consider, for example, the swimmers’ shoulder; a very painful and often long-term injury, which often keeps coming back. Causes of a swimmers’ shoulder can be: overloading, incorrect swimming technique, etc. To remain FIT, our balm offers a solution! Both for recreational swimmers, top athletes, water polo players, high-divers, synchronized swimming, water basketball, rescue swimming, etc.

Sport osteopath Jeroen van Duursen ( has been at home in sports for more than 20 years and has been using F.I.T. Sports balm in his practice for years. “I achieved the first good results during my work for the Dutch National High Diving Team during many European and World Championships. High Diving is a very tough sport due to the many training hours and the upside-down landings on the water from a considerable height. This results in substantial hardening in the muscle groups in the back and the neck. F.I.T. Sports balm is therefore always part of the equipment case that I take to tournaments. Now that my work environment has shifted more to soccer and high diving, FIT is very useful again! ”

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