My name is Johana Martínez Vega, I’m from Colombia and I’m 38 years old. I was born with Cerebral Palsy and I have a motor nerves problem, hemiplegics and fall foot. My dream as a child was to play as a professional tennis and when I was 23 years old that dream came true using a wheelchair.

I have had great results around the world, winning important competitions, just one month ago I won my 20th international title in my sport career. But as is normal in sport is not always easy. Sometimes your body tells you to stop with some health issues or some injuries. Athletic are always looking for some product that helps them in their career. Some seasons I was training with Aad Zwaan, a coach from The Netherlands, he shows me a nice cream F.I.T Sportbalsem. I tried it and since that day I like it a lot and I found it very useful for my needs.

In 2015 I had the honor to meet the owner of the company that produces the sportbalsem Joop Bergman and with our conversation, I understood why the product is so good. He’s really committed with the company and the clients, the same as athletes are. Not only the nice formula is what I like but also all the presentation and everything involved in the product. I’m sure F.I.T Sportbalsem is very successful around the world.

I love so much the sportbalsem that’s why I’m having the intention to bring it to South America. If people want to try it just ask me, I have it always with me. Some friends have tried it and they love it!

Next week I will participate at the Parapan Games in Lima 2019 and my goal is to participate at my third Paralympic Games “Tokio 2020” and of course, I will always use F.I.T Sportbalsem, not only when I’m injured but for different things and prevention.